Hybrid Agapanthus declared safe by Government
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Author:  grasstree [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 ]
Post subject:  Hybrid Agapanthus declared safe by Government

Recently common agapanthus received a bad rap for escaping, based on what happened at the blue mountains at Echo point. The fact is that there are far less there now than when they were first planted. About half a century ago big numbers of Agapanthus were planted there. Considering the size of planting, the few that have come up by seed shows Agapanthus has less weed potential then was reported.

At least the Australian Government have made it easier for gardeners that like agapanthus, declaring that Hyrid Agapanthus do not have weed problems. They said it is only the original seed grown ones that are the problems. So this means gardeners can safely use plants like Queen Mum, Purple cloud and many more types.

What do other gardeners think of Agapanthus?

Author:  kirke [ Wed May 26, 2010 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hybrid Agapanthus declared safe by Government

I prefer natives, but if I had to pick a plant as drought tough as our Aussie Natives it would have to be Agapanthus. Freedom of choice is a good thing, just because I choose to pick Natives does not mean everyone has to. Good to see a little common sense on the weed issue.

Still Aussie Natives rule.

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