Plant Profile - SILVEREDGE is a low maintenance Ophiopogon
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Author:  rx2 [ Wed Sep 05, 2012 ]
Post subject:  Plant Profile - SILVEREDGE is a low maintenance Ophiopogon

Plant Profile - Ophiopogon japonica Silveredge PBR

Silveredge is a variegated mondo grass with striking foliage contrast. The beauty of Silveredge is that it has proven itself to be highly resistant to developing rust. As you can see from the photos below under the same growing conditions Silveredge has continued to keep much cleaner foliage than the common form which tends to be more susceptible to developing rust.

Silveredge enjoys full sun and shaded areas, spreading moderately fast by underground stolons. Silveredge is excellent for rock gardens and for adding a colourful low maintenance border to a garden. Silveredge is an excellent ground cover for shady areas, and the dense root system holds the ground well where runoff is a problem. It is widely used as a border around garden beds creating a formal look, and is good for edging walkways and defining beds.

Silveredge is a very low maintenance plant, but like normal mondo grass it benefits from trimming every 2 or so years. It will generally grow to approximately 20cm tall by 30cm wide and is very heat and humidity tolerant. Also Silveredge does well in cooler climates like Melbourne and will work anywhere normal mondo does, just with a much more vibrant colour. The breeder of Silveredge is Ornatec Pty Ltd and the plant is available from a range of restricted growers around Australia.

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