Studies prove Nara™ Turf is ideal for Australian landscapes
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Author:  Adelle [ Tue Apr 02, 2013 ]
Post subject:  Studies prove Nara™ Turf is ideal for Australian landscapes

Studies prove Nara™ Turf is ideal for Australian landscapes

Landscape professionals are switching over to Nara™ Native Turf which is a beautiful form of Zoysia macrantha. Nara behaves like the typical lawn with the added benefits of being an Australian native and a low maintenance lawn.

Department of Primary Industries research1 proves Nara is a highly salt tolerant grass which makes it ideal for use in coastal situations.
In another study done by the Department of Primary Industries2 they discovered Zoysia macrantha is more drought tolerant than Buffalo and Couch.
According to other studies, in general Zoysia is resistant to army worms3 and many other bugs. This makes Nara (a type of Zoysia) a safer lawn choice for Australian Landscapes.

Australian and USA comparison trials have shown Nara has better winter colour than other comparator Zoysia types and that due to Nara’s much speedier growth rate4 it has better recovery from wear.

A big problem with Australian Buffalo lawns is they are easily invaded by Kikuyu grass and other hard to remove weeds. Being a Zoysia, Nara can be treated with herbicides to remove these weeds, by spraying the whole area a couple of times.

We recommend having a professional herbicide contractor apply these appropriate broad spectrum chemicals. You can’t do this with Buffalo, so instead what’s needed is to paint Glyphosate (Round-Up) very carefully on the blades of invading Kikuyu. This is a very difficult thing to do, and whole suburbs are finding Buffalo lawns being overtaken with Kikuyu.

What makes Nara highly resistant to wear and extremely drought tolerant is its deep vigorous Rhizomes yet its fine leaf is soft, and a favourite for children to play on. It comes in slightly behind Buffalo where shade is concerned and is a lot more shade tolerant than Couch and Kikuyu.

It has been successfully installed in many homes, parks, roadsides and other landscapes around Australia, both near the coast and a long way inland.
Landscape architects, designers, councils and golf courses often prefer to use native plants and now with Nara they have a native turf that performs to accompany them. This is the first time that going native for turf has really been an option in Australia.

Here are a few testimonials:
“My experience with Nara has found it to be …read more ... landscapes

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